Welcome to Teknologija

Welcome to Teknologija

The software development scene in Malta has grown rapidly over the past few years. This has not only generated growth in business and in jobs, but also cultivated an interest in various different aspects of software development.

Whereas community events were quite rare ten years ago, we now have a number of different special interest groups sharing knowledge and organising their own events.

The launch of the Teknologija website aims to encourage the continued organisation of events and the building of a strong software development community. One may keep track of community events using the calendar (or by looking at the Upcoming Events on the right). The groups page, which is being gradually populated, will list the various community groups around. And it is our hope that companies will come forward and offer space and facilities that organisers can use to set up their events.

Watch this space, and get in touch if you’d like to add to it and help it grow!

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