Summer 2019 Events

Summer 2019 Events

The Maltese tech community has seen a very active July. In one month, we had no less than five events including:

  • What’s new in Angular CLI 8, organised by MaltaJS.
  • Generating photo mosaics in Python, followed by community discussion, organised by PyMalta.
  • Scrum Masters Anonymous #6.
  • A summer networking event organised by GDG Malta.
  • Applicative Functors, part of the Functional Programming Series, organised by TechIgnite.

In August, we all expect things to calm down a bit as many people go on holidays and chill out. However, at the end of the month there’s a treat for the QA-inclined. On the 29th, Catena Media are open sourcing their Test Automation Framework. The next day, Test Island 2019 takes place — this is an entire conference on testing and the first of its kind in Malta.

We aren’t aware of any events happening in September at the time of writing this, but as always, stay tuned with our Event Calendar. We’re pretty sure some of the tech groups will be organising some new events during that month.

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